Action Planning Session - Work less, worry less and achieve more. Organise your scatterbrain and unleash your potential

Do you lack the clarity and focus you need to make your business and life truly successful? Do you feel stuck, stressed out and overwhelmed? Then it is time to make a plan. Book your action planning session now.

I’m so happy that you have found your passion. Even more so because you want to use your passion to help other people. I tip my hat to you and your great big heart.

It’s tiring though, isn’t it? All that running around trying to get everything done. It’s even more exhausting when you realise that you have plateaued. That you have reached your maximum potential.

You have not maxed out your potential, not even close. Instead, you are losing time and energy to processes that do not serve your needs. Having a crystal clear plan of action to implement will change your world forever. No more running out of time. No more procrastinating and putting things off. No more setting yourself up for failure by not being able to keep up with your promises.

Meet Jane - Single mum, creative genius and all-round superwoman.

Jane is a lady who has to wear many different hats daily. When we first met she was REALLY struggling to keep it all together. Whenever she got into the work her family life suffered. Respectively, when she dived into family life her work took a big hit.

It was a seemingly never-ending cycle of trying to catch up to herself. It was exhausting. So exhausting in fact that when she told me what she was doing on an average day I was momentarily lost for words.

Jane and I had a session. Just one.

In our single coaching session, we went through all the things she was doing each day, not just the business stuff but personal too, and we pulled out all the busywork. This activity alone freed up a fair whack of time.

The approach Jane was taking before our session involved putting every last ounce of energy she had into every task she engaged with. Just hearing about it made me feel like I needed to sit down. This meant that whatever came after the first task would be complete far less energetically and mistakes would start to be made. A slippery slope, to say the least.

Jane and I came up with a framework for her to implement going forward that would ensure that she only engaged in the tasks that actually achieve something. She was previously, like most business owners, doing a lot of things just because that’s what everyone else did. This had to stop, this is where the leaks of time and energy were found. The framework enabled her to become efficient and effective in her role as a business owner and as a mother.

Life became a lot easier for Jane as a result of the framework we put together. So much so that she has since doubled her income while maintaining a 5-hour workday. If that’s not magic then I don’t know what is.

Okay, so you’ve helped some people out; but, what makes you different from the so-called guru’s?

That is an easy question to answer.

The short version is... Just about everything. The longer version goes something like this:

How much are the sessions, how long do they take and how can I book?

The sessions are priced with accessibility in mind so, they are just £197 each.

The sessions usually take around an hour; however, I don’t impose a time limit as such. The sessions take as long as they take, for some that’s as little as 45 minutes and others it can be 2 hours.

We don’t end the session until we have covered all the bases and come up with a suitable plan of action for you to go away and execute.

To book your action planning session click on the ‘Book Your Action Planning Session’ link and tell me about your business. From there I will be in touch so we can have a chat and I will send you a payment link (or details for bank transfer) and get you booked in.

For those who skipped to the bottom, here are the F.A.Q’s.

  • How do I know if I need time and energy management coaching?

    How often do you find yourself saying, “I don’t have the time for that?”

    I bet it’s more than you’d like, right? If you feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day and you are always chasing your tail then managing your time and energy more effectively is the missing piece to the puzzle.

    If you find yourself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed regularly then you are probably wasting time and energy in a big way.

    If all of your time and energy is spent on your work how can you possibly hope to enjoy the fruits of your labour? Properly managing your time and energy will enable you to unlock your full potential and start living the life that you have been pining after since you started your business.

  • I already don’t have enough time, how can I possibly find time for coaching?

    A perfectly reasonable question and one that I am happy to answer.

    The session we have will cover all that needs to be covered but, we will create a plan of implementation so that you can implement those changes slowly to prevent yourself becoming overwhelmed AND to prevent you from using the plan as a reason to procrastinate further.

    As an additional plus point, there will be no worksheets or whatever for you to complete. After all, we’re not in school anymore, are we? Instead, you will receive the recordings of each session. I’m here to make your life easier and your workload a little lighter.

  • I’ve had coaches before and I found it all really overwhelming.

    This is something to which I can relate. Lots of coaches tend to give great advice and guidance in the sessions but leave out the emotional support.

    Working with me is different. I am very careful about who I take on as a client because I fully invest myself emotionally in your world. Working with me, you don’t just get great coaching. I will be on hand should you need to talk. If you drop me an email, I will reply. If you send me a text, you bet your butt I’m texting you back. You give me a call in a moment of need? I’ll be there, don’t you worry.

    One of the most commonly mentioned aspects of my coaching services is my commitment to you.